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29th July 2020

Safe Deck half panel – Available soon!

Why a half size panel when the standard full size panel can be cut?  Yes it is true that the full size panel can be cut in half, thirds ,2 thirds  or sixths. This is a result of the fact the Safe Deck panel is designed to be cut down without loss of rigidity or…

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Crash Deck

6th July 2020

Crash Decking or Platform Decking, What is it?

Platform Decking, why do people call it crash decking? Why do people use the words crash decking? what is safe about a crash?  The term crash decking implies there is going to be some kind of impact, crash or fall from height. As can be seen below, definitions of the word “crash” do not describe…

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3rd July 2020

Safe Deck Benefits – What they are!

Safe Deck Benefits – What are they? G&M Safe Deck has various benefits over other similar crash deck systems. One of which is the ability to cut down the Safe Deck panel into smaller sizes. Consequently this cuts down on waste.  Enabling the owner to recycle damaged panels rather than discarding them. Another benefit is…

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1st July 2020

Safe Deck Access Hatch – Now available!

The G&M Safe Deck Access Hatch is now available. The hatch is designed to be used as an access point through the floor in a housing unit. The hatch is easy to use and install. It can be situated where the floor is going to be cut out to install the staircase. This way the…

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30th June 2020

Safe Deck Stillages now available!

We are excited to be launching a new product in the G&M Safe Deck range of products – G&M Safe deck storage G&M Safe Deck Stillages are now available for hire, sale or as part of a purchase of the G&M Safe Deck System. We have 2 different stillages available. We have designed a stillage…

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23rd June 2020

Safe Deck business oportunity

G&M Safe deck business opportunities have never been greater. house builders are moving away from bean bags and traditional bird cage scaffolds. As a result there is a gap that needs to be filled. So, why not fill it? Invest in a G&M Safe Deck system and your future business.  If you are a scaffolding…

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23rd June 2020

Safety Net Inspection for Managers

FASET – Safety Nets for managers  Delivered by G&M Safety Netting Ltd. Focuses on inspection and management of safety net systems. Provided by Safety Net Installers and FASET Members. As a result type S Safety Net Systems are covered within the course. Along with limitations and temporary works. Safety nets are the most popular way…

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22nd June 2020

Safe Deck Customer Logo – now in production

customer logo – cavanna homes As one of the first productions runs using the new logo plates made specially for our customers. New customer Cavanna Homes are sporting their own logo on the G&M Safe Deck panel. It gives us great pleasure to see how well customer logos have come out.  Why have your own…

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17th June 2020

Edge Protection Inspection for Managers (STEP)

Edge Protection inspection is the role of duty holders who control the work of persons working at height on roofs or floors. Duty holders should be able to inspect edge protection systems to enable safe work to take place.  Edge Protection Inspection & The Work at Height Regulations Introduced in 2005 it sets out the…

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16th June 2020

CHAS Accreditation achieved

Both G&M Safety Netting and Safe Deck are proud to have achieved CHAS accreditation & membership for this year to 2021. What is CHAS accreditation / SSIP? CHAS is an industry authority on UK compliance and health and safety legislation. CHAS works with over 100 assessors. The assessors are qualified health and safety professionals.  Since…

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