FASET guidance & Technical bulletins

  1. Why Specify a FASET Member?
  2. Safety Net Test Records
  3. Testing Safety Nets for UV Degradation
  4. Safety Net Label & Record Keeping
  5. Repairing Knotted & Knotless Safety Nets
  6. Repairs to a Knotless Safety Net
  7. Repairs to a Knotted Safety Net
  8. Tagging of Safety Net Repairs
  9. On-Site Safety Net Temporary Repair
  10. Maximum Gaps
  11. Gathering vs Under Rolling
  12. Joining Nets Together
  13. Net Attachment Testing
  14. Drilled Fixings
  15. Incorrect Safety Net Support – Gravlock/Girder Clamp
  16. Safety Nets & Temporary Edge Protection
  17. Working Above Safety Nets
  18. Loading of Safety Nets
  19. Temporary Works
  20. Ground Conditions & MEWP’s
  21. Safety Net Handovers & In Use Inspections
  22. Removal of Safety Nets by Third Parties
  23. Reporting Falls into Safety Nets
  24. Changes to BS EN 1263
  25. End of Life Nets
  26. Clearance Distance Beneath Safety Nets
  27. Towers Guidance
  28. Use of Ladders for Rigging & De-Rigging Safety Nets
  29. Roof-Over-Netting
  30. MEWP-Material Handling Devices
  31. FASET-TechBulletin-31-Securing-Safety-Net-Attachment-Devices
  32. Eaves Bag Guidance

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Safe Deck Unique Branding – Now available!

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23rd September 2019

Safety Net Inspection for Managers

FASET – Safety Nets for managers  Delivered by G&M Safety Netting Ltd. Focuses on inspection and...

20th September 2019

Renewed FASET Membership 😍

very proud of this – FASET Platform Decking membership – the mark of excellence   Following...

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