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20th November 2019

Edge Protection Inspection for Managers (STEP)

Edge Protection inspection is the role of duty holders who control the work of persons working at height on roofs or floors. Duty holders should be able to inspect edge protection systems to enable safe work to take place. 

Edge Protection Inspection & The Work at Height Regulations

Introduced in 2005 it sets out the responsibility’s of duty holders and employers to their workers. The regulation places responsibility on everybody involved in work at height. So planning and selection of equipment must be done by somebody who is competent and has enough experience to select appropriate safety measures for the work to be undertaken.

Inspection is also a requirement of the work at height regulations. Subsequently inspection of an edge protection system must be carried out every 7 days, or following bad weather conditions. Also following any circumstance that could make the edge protection unsafe for continued use. Inspection by a trained and competent person who will record the findings of the inspection and if any actions are needed is paramount. As a result, competent inspection enables compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.  

Example of Edge Protection

Edge Protection Inspection – select the right system!

Edge Protection Selection

There are several factors that dictate the selection of a system. The FASET STEP course provides knowledge on BS EN 13374 temporary edge protection systems. Consequently enabling duty holders to select & inspect Edge Protection systems to protect their workers working at height.  

Choosing a suitable system depends on the roof pitch the edge protection system is to protect. For example, if the roof pitch is below 10o  a Class A system may be selected. If 10o or less than 30o a Class B system will be specified.

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