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4th May 2020

Freestanding Crash Deck – Safe Deck Excellence

Freestanding crash deck – g&m safe deck

After 2 years of development we are proud to announce a new innovation. A freestanding crash deck. 

FREE standing crash deck – WHy?

In 2018 and 2019 we exhibited the Safe Deck system at the safety and health expo. We received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors to the show. In the main visitors to our stand were impressed with the G&M Safe Deck system and commented how much more versatile it would be if it was freestanding. As a result of this feedback, we went into R&D and started the process of designing a component that would enable the safe deck to free stand. After several prototypes and some small modifications to existing components we are successful.  

The new component fits onto either end of a leg tube, this makes a brace. The brace connects the base plate to the head plate across 2 panels. Thereby turning a square into 2 triangles. This works because triangles are the strongest shape and are rigid, meaning there is no need for a supporting structure to contain the deck. With a completely freestanding platform edge protection would need to be incorporated to enable safe access. 

Freestanding crash deck


  • No need for a structure to contain the safe deck
  • Build your structure around the deck
  • Tube & fit Edge Protection easily fitted
  • Standalone working platform
  • Elevated temporary walkways
  • Temporary access platforms for wagon loading and off loading.
  • Event staging
  • Void infill
  • Lightweight
  • External or Internal access
  • Non conductive for use in rail or utilities
  • Non-slip surface
  • Loadable to 2kN/m2
  • Resistant to chemicals and UV 
The only freestanding plastic system

G&M Safe Deck is the only plastic freestanding system currently available anywhere in the UK.  

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