4th May 2020

Freestanding Crash Deck – Safe Deck Excellence

Freestanding crash deck – g&m safe deck After 2 years of development we are proud to announce a new innovation. A freestanding crash deck.  FREE standing crash deck – WHy? In 2018 and 2019 we exhibited the Safe Deck system at the safety and health expo. We received a lot of positive feedback from the…

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20th April 2020

Covid-19 Working – Keep clam, carry on!

As the Covid – 19 saga continues we are continuing to attend site where essential works are ongoing. Covid-19 Working Currently we are working to install Safety Net Systems on Sellafield Nuclear Waste Processing plant in Cumbria. This essential work is taking place to ensure the safety of persons who are installing cladding for a…

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25th March 2020

COVID-19 LIMITING the SPREAD in Construction

COVID-19 and business what we are doing Many projects in the construction are part of essential services and as such are continuing at this time. Other projects are in planning to start in the coming weeks once the current restrictions are eased. We are dedicated to continuing to deliver fall protection, while doing everything we…

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21st November 2019

FASET AGM 2019 – Coming Up!

This years FASET AGM 2019 is nearly upon us! The FASET AGM will be held at Tewkesbury Park in the Cotswolds on the 28th of November. A brand new venue for the AGM with brand new sponsors, the event is sure to be better than ever. Tewkesbury Park FASET Annual general meeting 2019 The annual…

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20th November 2019

Edge Protection Inspection for Managers (STEP)

Edge Protection inspection is the role of duty holders who control the work of persons working at height on roofs or floors. Duty holders should be able to inspect edge protection systems to enable safe work to take place.  Edge Protection Inspection & The Work at Height Regulations Introduced in 2005 it sets out the…

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15th November 2019

Safe Deck Customer Logo – now in production

customer logo – cavanna homes As one of the first productions runs using the new logo plates made specially for our customers. New customer Cavanna Homes are sporting their own logo on the G&M Safe Deck panel. It gives us great pleasure to see how well our customers logos have come out.  Why have your…

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30th September 2019

FASET Rigger Trainer – Newly Qualified 😎

Well done Tobias Ryder New FASET Rigger Trainer. Tobias has undergone assessment by Tony Seddon of FASET. Consequently he is competent to deliver the FASET Riggers course. As a result, G&M Safety Netting Ltd have increased our Rigger Trainers to 2. FASET Rigger to FASET Rigger Trainer Tobias has a wealth of experience as a…

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27th September 2019

Safe Deck Benefits – What they are!

Safe Deck Benefits – What are they? G&M Safe Deck has various benefits over other similar crash deck systems. One of which is the ability to cut down the Safe Deck panel into smaller sizes. Consequently this cuts down on waste.  Enabling the owner to recycle damaged panels rather than discarding them. Another benefit is…

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26th September 2019

New Load Testing for Safe Deck

G&M Safe Deck undergoes new load testing Following feedback received at the Safety & Health Expo 2019 we have engaged in new load testing. Some visitors to the Safety & Health Expo who visited our stand asked us if the system could potentially take more loading than we currently have tested for. We always knew…

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26th September 2019

Safe Deck Unique Branding – Now available!

safe deck unique branding with your own logo 😎 Safe Deck Unique Branding. We are happy to announce the new and updated Safe Deck panel. Unique branding and logos can be added to the panel. We have also added the design standard and load class the safe deck system has been tested to. Consequently this…

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