Roped Access

Roped Access Equipment

Roped Access is a safe method of gaining access to restricted areas whilst working at height.

A rope access system is a safe method of working at height using ropes and other specialist equipment to gain access to and from the work place, and to be supported there.

Unlike traditional methods of access such as scaffolding and elevated platforms, a rope access system allows you to plan, manage and carry out work in difficult to access areas, whilst reducing the risk of accidents.

Our rope access systems utilise specially designed equipment such as ropes, harnesses, anchorages, connectors and other equipment.

Benefits of roped access systems

• Faster, safer method of accessing difficult to reach areas when working at height.
• Minimal impact on nearby operations and damage to property.
• Reduced risk of accidents compared to other means of access.
• Reduced man-hours on site making it a highly cost-effective fall protection system.
• Can be used to install our safety netting, bird netting and debris netting products.

At G & M Safety Netting, we operate all of our roped access systems in accordance with the Industrial Roped Access Trade Association (IRATA). Our experienced rope access technicians are fully trained, assessed and certified by IRATA.

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