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26th September 2019

Safe Deck Unique Branding – Now available!

safe deck unique branding with your own logo 😎

Safe Deck Unique Branding. We are happy to announce the new and updated Safe Deck panel. Unique branding and logos can be added to the panel. We have also added the design standard and load class the safe deck system has been tested to. Consequently this information is available for all to see.

unique branding – what does it look like?

As you can see below, the branding logo and testing information stands out. Therefore maintaining the non-slip surface and providing relevant information. Manufactured in the UK at Chess Plastics our panel is tested to the highest available standards. As a result you can be assured of the safety of G&M Safe Deck. 

Safe Deck Branding

Branded Safe Deck Panel








safe deck unique branding – Why?

We have been manufacturing the safe Deck panel for over 8 years now. As a result there is a lot of G&M Safe Deck around. Consequently we have changed the design of our panel. This is to enable  our clients to have their own logos permanently on the panel. Thereby identifying the panel as their own stock.

G&M Safe Deck Ltd are happy to work with existing and new clients. Help with unique branding or to help design a company logo can also be provided.

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